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Fikabox is a curated selection of healthy and delicious snacks delivered directly to your mailbox each week for only 49 SEK. Our business model is very simple, we curate delicious and mouth-watering snack recipes combining over 100 different ingredients, allow our subscribers to pick the mix that best suits their tastes and then deliver a fikabox of four snacks directly to your home or office each week through the mailbox.

People want something to munch on during their long working days -quick food or simply a treat. The problem is that quick food generally isn't healthy and the selection is fairly limited. Fikabox offers a convenient service, -an “easier way to snack smarter” as we call it, where we deliver some wonderful healthy treats to your door, whether that is a snackbox at your workplace, a protein-box for your gym session, a calorie count-box where all snacks are fewer than 150 calories or a wonderful chocolate-box for your Friday-evening movie treat, we do it all!

With a rotating collection of over 100 delicious and delightfully themed recipes sourced from the world’s most intriguing flavours, each Fikabox is a unique moment of surprise, discovery and delight - Fuel for both body and conversation, creating the perfect “fika-mix” of refreshment and sociability. We offer personal subscriptions to surprise, discovery and delight; a treat and surprise for every occasion.

Unlike other companies we offer a solution that is practical, delicious and always renewing. No box is the same as our proprietary algorithm ensures each box is different from the previous one. 

Committed to giving back, fikabox also works closely with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden), which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to prevent and combat cancer diseases in children. Our customers can help contribute by simply enjoying the product and sharing with friends online.





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