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We're a a startup of currently 3 people in the process of remotely building a beta for our web-based platform, Azoolla. We aim to solve some of the bigger problems new and established product makers in the fashion, technology and home markets currently experience by providing them with the opportunity to tap into a community of tastemakers and potential customers through whom they can validate their ideas and sell their products too.

You can consider our platform as a combination of kickstarter and quirky but obviously within a new context and a different set of functionalities, although some are similar to some of our competitors.

We're looking for a particular group of people to join our team in one of the most groundbreaking startups in Stockholm. We’re looking for dedicated, passionate, results driven, talented and initiative taking people who are team players and willing to join the hard working effort to make sure that no detail is left untouched. 

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Front And Back-end Developer

@Azoolla, Stockholm | Private

Cto & Full-stack Developer

@Azoolla, Stockholm | Private

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