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Watty has a big mission.

At Watty we think big. Using the latest machine learning technology we are changing the way households use energy across the world. We're using cutting-edge technology to innovate on hardware, algorithms, user experience and business models.

Watty is simple but effective.

We help customers access their energy data and stream that data to our cloud platform. That’s where the magic happens. Our machine learning platform is able to identify the signatures of different appliances in the data and calculate the energy consumption of single devices. Using this data our customers can identify appliances that are responsible for excessive energy consumption. This way our customers can save energy, save money and help sustain the environment all at the same time.

Watty is always evolving.

Watty’s machine learning platform is constantly evolving. As we continuously collect new energy data our models adapt and get even smarter. As Watty's user base grows, so do our machine learning capabilities.

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@Watty, Stockholm | Cleantech Invest

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