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Vainu.io is a predictive lead scoring software, which enriches company databases by analyzing enterprise data and external signals from the web. Through intense data analysis Vainu.io ranks your prospects based on the leads, which are most likely to convert. This analysis is achieved by using well-known algorithms (E.g Elo-rating and Bayesian) and crawling through open and public data, such as company’s financial performance, social profiles, web-analytics and users own preferences. You also get the decision makers contact information and you can contact them as you go, since Vainu.io is mobile friendly. 

Vainu.io was launched in Finland in August 2014. The company consists of 27 full-time employees, and we already have close to 300 clients in the Nordics. We are privately funded and also supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (TEKES). We started operations in Sweden in autumn 2015 and will now move to an office at SUP46 

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