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Looklet is a unique and digitally-forward company in the fashion industry. We improve the way retailers capture and market fashion by presenting a software solution for the whole photo process - from the actual photoshoot to the point where an image is ready to publish.

Combining expertise from the fashion, technology, and photography worlds, we are not afraid to solve problems never solved before. We believe in close collaborations and work in a dynamic environment where we always strive for improvement.

Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden but we think globally.

Looklet - better content for the digital fashion world.

The Looklet Product

Online fashion performs better with the right type of content. Personalized  and customizable visual content matters and that's where Looklet comes in. The traditional photoshoot process requires clothes, stylists, photographers, models, make-up artists and assistants to all be present and top-perform at once.

With the Looklet solution, the model shoot and style process is decoupled and fully flexible as the model and each piece of garment is shot at different times and pieced together.

Looklet's customers work with several of our pre-set, automated green-screen studios, often set-up at their locations. The garments on the photos are cut-out by our cloud-based graphic algorithms and then sent to the Look Creator, our styling software, where the customer's stylists can style the clothes as they want. When the customers are done with a look, the image is automatically uploaded to their online shop and can be changed at any point. 

The Looklet solution greatly impacts productivity while allowing for customized looks and improved conversion rates. As the customers use our solution to create their fashion images, nothing but the highest quality is accepted. 

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