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Bizibuddy is an award winning project originating from KTH, with support from KTH Innovation.

Bizibuddy is a community platform for bringing micro businesses and customers together in emerging economies.

These micro businesses are more than 400 million and also the main class of businesses driving and building the economies of over 50 countries globally. As both internet penetration and mobile subscribers rise in these countries, we are building Bizibuddy to empower these micro businesses with the same advantages as the larger businesses.

Some of the problems facing these micro businesses are:

  • No web presence which leads to
  • No advertising/customer relation
  • No brand building opportunities
  • No fixed addresses

As a customer or end user:

  • Bizibuddy is a search engine where you can get or find those small businesses/products and prices that are missing in Google or Bing.
  • When you visit any of these countries, you can move around and shop just like the locals do.
  • Bizibuddy is a social platform to where you can find or even see your friend’s favourite plumber or street vendor.

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