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At yta.se we are working on building the best tools for finding office space online. Finding an office is a broken process many years behind it's peers in the private real estate market. Our marketplace strives to be the solution to that problem through quality of data and currently serves thousands of companies each month.

The technical challenge that lies at the heart of our mission is to map the entire industry from address to the availability of bike parking spots, in an environment where this data largely has to be provided by us. Our vision is to create a marketplace that captures the entirety of the transaction from search to signing a lease. Today we are 1.5 years in, a fantastic team of 5, a product that has been live for a year, and are about to launch a new React version of our app as well as expand to our second market. 

Our focus going forward is to expand our technical platform by improving the way we gather and leverage data, as well as create tools to automate many of the manual tasks involved in finding space. We will also continue to prioritize the evolution of our product and it's user experience. To do this we are growing our team with more people like us that love data, great code, and find working in a small growing team an exciting challenge.

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