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Volumental is a startup with approximately 30 people currently in a strong growth phase. Having begun rolling out in 2016, our products are now with businesses in 32 countries. Volumental’s products are at present technologically unparalleled in the global retail industry, with our technology team having invested years solving a series of difficult problems. This has placed Volumental in a unique position as the global technology leader for 3D Retail Scanning.

At Volumental, we’re passionate about ensuring consumers receive a great retail experience and find the best fitting shoes. We're striving to be the company that solves the angst of buying apparel and footwear that fits your body, both size-wise and aesthetically. Our plan of action is to 3D scan a consumer both accurately and quickly, and to match the scan to a pair of shoes. We also want to provide our customers the data they require to develop better products. We do this by utilizing beautifully designed high tech software and hardware.

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