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At its core, yepstr is an innovative marketplace – a scalable technical solution with vast commercial potential. Furthermore, yepstr is also social entrepreneurship at its finest. Yepstr will reduce youth unemployment, create the next generation of entrepreneurs and improve the integration of immigrants into working life – reducing gaps in income distribution. If you are passionate about actually having an impact and improvíng the world we live in – then this is the ship you need to board.

Although we were just recently founded we have very strong supporters such as one of Swedens 10 richest people, one of the founders of one of the largest asset management companies in the world and one of the first 10 people at Spotify.

It is said that today it's all about execution and not so much about the idea - still having a few months head start is worth its weight in gold. Therefore we keep the description above vague as the idea, unfortunately, is not super difficult to copy. However if you happen to be passionate about web development, design, user experiences or fixing youth unemployment then give us a call, lets have coffee and we'll tell you more!


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