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The Catchingo app is an effective channel for retailers to reach a wider audience and attract more visitors to their stores. The app allows users to discover unique deals on products from their favorite brands in their area. Get inspired and find new stores carrying the products you're looking for.

The idea for the Catchingo concept was born from a careful investigation of the issues and troubles facing retailers and store managers today. From the very beginning, we have always worked closely with retailers and shoppers to ensure that we develop a service that will really provide value and simplify the lives of retailers and shoppers.

As we don’t want to be aiming to wide in the beginning and risk developing a service that doesn’t make sense for either retailers or shoppers, we have decided (through careful consideration) to initially focus on the fashion industry. Furthermore, we will initially dedicate our full attention to the Stockholm area in Sweden, the city where the idea for Catchingo was born.

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